ESL ESEA Steam Group
We are in the process of creating a team on ESEA. If you are not registered on ESEA you will need to create an account and set your default game to CS:GO as well as adding your Steam ID in your profile section.

Once you are registered you will need to visit our teams homepage and join the team. You can find the teams home page at the following

You will also need the join password which you can get from Eraze or Reality via Steam or TS.

If you haven't done so already its time to get yourself signed up on Faceit. We have been playing a few PUG's lately and if you want to join us, you will need to take a look at the Faceit thread in our forums.
Yet again we have had to change our Teamspeak host. No one could have failed to notice the recent connection issues, crashes and random lag spikes that we have been experiencing lately. So we have therefore moved to a new provider. You can find our new server at the following IP. the password is the same as the old server.

Hopefully this will be an end to our voice server issues.

With the recent release of Battlefield 4, a game which has in the past proved to be a very good game for clans, we are changing the direction of the clan and are currently in the process of setting up a squad to play Battlefield with a more organised and competitive approach. This is a bold move for us, after many years of being involved in the competitive scene for counter strike however we feel this is a positive move into a bigger modern scene.

So over the coming weeks there will be a few changes coming in both clan structure and leadership and we will also be looking to strengthen the clans numbers by recruiting more members.

If you're a current member and are interested in playing Battlefield, head over to the BF4 forum and post us a message. If you're here because of a recruitment ad then you will need to post in the recruitment forum (registration required).

The next few weeks should prove to be quite interesting so stay tuned for more details.

We now have a 48 slot clan server up and running. For the time being we are running the smaller game modes such as rush and Domination.

Server details are UK - Mixed Modes - - Recruitment open

Any member wishing to contribute to the servers running cost, can do so using the ClanPay link, which can be found on the server's page below the server details.
We are now signed up to ESL's UK-BF4 5on5 A-Series, details of the league can be found at this Although the league is fairly quiet at the moment, We have already been contacted as a clan to arrange future matches.

Any members still not signed up to the clan will need to do so as soon as possible, details can be found in the BF4 forum (don't forget to set your BF4 nick name in your game accounts)